Connecting with the people you care about, in a whole new way

Givepear is a new way to send and receive greeting cards while supporting the charity you love. Simply select your favorite charity and connect with friends and family. Your connections will donate to your selected charity on your upcoming birthday and celebrated holidays!

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Find the perfect card for any occasion

Mark the special events in your life by raising funds and acts of kindness in honor of a loved one.

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For Organizations

Raise funds for your organization by creating a holiday campaign or in honor of someone special to your organization.

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Create a Page

Mark the special events of the people you care about, by creating a page that allows family and friends to send them a card or gift, paired with a kindness or donation.

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How it works

Examples in action

Northwood Giving

Encourages donors to honor their loved ones with a thoughtful card and donation year round.


After closing a large business deal, Jim sends a thank you card to his partner along with a donation in their honor to a local hospital.


Since her husband is a Man Who Has Everything, Sandra chooses to mark Steve’s 50th birthday with a fundraiser for a cause he’s passionate about - the Wounded Warrior foundation.