Reg. No. 043140765 | New York, USA

Hachovesh Har Nof is a non-profit organization providing emergency first aid, medical treatment, and ambulance service. It was established in 1987 by concerned residents of Har Nof with the support and blessings of the Bostoner Rebbi Z”L, to answer the needs of the growing community.

In as much as the neighborhood is on the outskirts of Jerusalem, as the population grew it became a major challenge to get emergency medical treatment. At one time, due to the distance from medical centers and the major construction in the area, it took 13-25 minutes for the first ambulance to arrive at the scene.

Our mission at Hachovesh Har Nof is to provide the best and fastest medical treatment and to maintain a personal connection with the patients and their families. We aim to have state of the art medical equipment and the most advanced technology available.

Hachovesh Har Nof is supported by member of the community and contributions from individuals around the world.


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