For Charities

If you manage a charity and would like to be featured on Givepear please see below

Givepear works closely with many charities and non profit organizations. Out of all of these organizations, we have hand picked a select few to be featured charities. Our selection is based on finding popular well known charities as well as charities that we feel fit well with the Givepear philosophy. Our list is also based on charities that may have reached out to us and expressed interest in being promoted on Givepear.

As a featured charity, your organization will be on rotation to appear at the bottom left of our homepage which will help make your cause more widely known. Furthermore when clicking on charities or during checkout when selecting a charity to donate to, the customer is presented with a list of our featured charities and is encouraged to select one of them. Even though they can search for any charity of their choice, we find many of our customers opt to select one of our featured charities thereby greatly increasing the amount of donations a featured charity will receive from Givepear.

There is no cost to becoming a featured charity so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to get started!